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Life In A Burn Clinic Bio

Life In A Burn Clinic
Band members
Mark Loftin - Vocals/ Guitars
Steve Wilenkin - Vocals/ Bass
Jimmy Stewart - Drums


Taking shape in Los Angeles during the late 90s LIFE IN A BURN CLINIC became a creative outlet between 3 friends - playing simple hardcore punk but grew in complexity with each new composition that they wrote. The band and their approach to writing music has continued to evolve and today represents an array of personal influences and the blurring lines between hardcore punk and new world metal.

LIFE IN A BURN CLINIC's music is steeped in the tradition of the early grind pioneers such Repulsion and Cryptic Slaughter and the trailblazing of crossover masters DRI and COC. Delivered with a cold hard sucker punch to the cranium, the knuckle scraping intensity that this trio delivers has not been put on tape in years.

Produced by Schneebie (Goatsnake, The Obsessed) and mixed by local LA Dave Casey, "Individual Rites" is a compact collection of aggression, primal as it is passionate making no excuses for it's blunt delivery. Included on the album is the bonus track "This Thing Called Progress" from the legendary Poison Idea.

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