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Mike Collin Steven Cook Mac


TRIBUNAL RECORDS headquarters is located in Greensboro, NC along US-40. Just to the west along US-40 some 1000+ miles away, in Flagstaff, Arizona comes the violent hardcore act known as killwhitneydead. Their demo tape, "Everyday I Wished…You Were Dead" traveled US-40 and landed in TRIBUNAL RECORDS hands. Upon hearing songs like, "I Love The Whore In You (And So Does Everyone Else), "Another Tragic Case of The Rock Star Syndrome," "Starring Robert Downey Jr. as The Addict" and the classic "Why Smile, When I Am Carrying This Gun?" we signed them immediately. Their brand of pure hate inspired hardcore is truly majestic. killwhitneydead have also developed a notorious reputation for wreaking havoc, and now have been banned from performing in almost every town in their home state of Arizona. Constant troubles with various law enforcement agencies, has in turn resulted with some members actually serving jail time, hence the multiple delays of this release. But, regardless of the many trials and tribulations, KWD has managed to remain focused and has put together one maniacal release in "Inhaling The Breath Of A Bullet." A frantic combination of grind-core, death metal and Slayer influenced dance floor hardcore (Kerry King solos included), which is then overlapped and intertwined with layers of samples, KWD pound out eleven tracks in just less than 15 minutes. To say that KWD push the boundaries is an understatement; they are prepared to annihilate everything and everyone standing in their way. KWD have arrived let the mayhem begin. Violence never sounded so good.

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