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Killing Theory Bio

Killing Theory
Band members
Coby Thompson Fred Elbancol John Nguyen Danny Ruffino Chris Leideritz


It wasn't so long ago that we at Tribunal Records introduced the world to a little known Orange County band, Atreyu. To put it mildly, they have gone on to become a serious force to be reckoned with in the independent music scene. So we ask you…can history actually repeat itself? We think so, and we believe KILLING THEORY is bearing the same torch, which will guide them to the biggest and brightest of achievements. Their latest release, Dead. Buried. Forgotten, is as subtle as a sledgehammer to the face. KILLING THEORY is cruel and unrelenting in their articulation of atrocity, which they gladly bestow upon each unsuspecting listener. KILLING THEORY has crafted a sincerely horrific record, which simplifies the essence of its unmatched brutality into a mere 20-minute interval. A myriad of metal influences are present from death metal, thrash to grind core and even the occasional breakdown tossed in to keep the kids on the dance floor active. Dead. Buried. Forgotten. is an aural monstrosity that won't flee your thoughts any time in the near future. Be warned, your annihilation awaits you.

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