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Torche Bio

Band members
Steve Brooks - (Guitar/Vocals), Juan Montoya - (Guitar), Jon Nunez - (Bass), Rick Smith - (Drums)


Stoner Pop" never existed quite like this prior to the mind-blowing debut release from Miami, Flordia's TORCHE. It was hinted at by the singer/ songwriter Steve Brooks' former group FLOOR, founded by the mighty BLACK SABBATH and nearly accomplished by mainstreamers QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE... but truly anthemic, triumphant and absolutely massive heavy metal has never been SO catchy! With gloriously sung, harmonized and soaring vocal arrangements accompanying the most monolithic riffs of modern times, TORCHE reaches to push the envelope and then engulf it in flames! To say the production on this album is "huge" would be a gross understatement, and to say this doesn't sound like the earth swallowing itself would be a flat out lie. Beauty and brawn have never joined forces with such finesse, and TORCHE are destined to be the leaders of an incredible new era of heavy metal.

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