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Brand New Disaster Bio

Brand New Disaster
Band members
Garrett Berneche - Guitar Chris Shephard - Guitar Billy Chubb - Bass Tanner Boyle - Drums


BRAND NEW DISASTER walk fine lines between so many genres its hard to pigeonhole them. One thing is certain, they have delivered one solid release in Maybe We Should Run. Ten tracks of melodic rock with a hint of aggressiveness. The song styles range from all out rockers, “Most People Would Be Dead By Now” and “As The Night Caves In,” to the piano ballad, “Between Him And Me.” Even album closer, “Pull The Trigger Like You Mean It, ” features a haunting duet with Theresa Dunn, ultimately closing the set with such a fever it will leave you with cold chills. In an industry of insincerity and “paint by number” bands, BRAND NEW DISASTER have arrived and are seeking those who want more from their music, fans who want honest, artistic sensibilities and words that hint at a greater story behind the songs. Maybe We Should Run is an album for them. We recommend them if you enjoy bands such as Boy Sets Fire, Thursday, Thrice, Taking Back Sunday and Beloved.

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