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Robots And Empire
Band members
Steffen Eckardt - Guitars Julian C. Fink - Vocals Christian Fischer - Guitars & Backing Vocals Peter Hellmund - Bass Matthias Naumann - Drums


Robots and Empire is a four piece progressive hardcore band from Poughkeepsie, NY. They formed in late August of 2004 as a result of the breakup of the members? previous band, When Dreams Die. Throughout the pending autumn, they wrote a handful of songs and played some local shows. They conjured a sound that is heavy, dense and metallic by using a handful of what they used to sound like and a handful of something firmer -- more solid, raw, and engaging -- and propping them against each other, creating some sort of orphan freak child of Failure and Black Sabbath, among others. The band recorded a four song demo in November of 2004 at Sweet Spot Recordings over in Orange County, NY. The demo was designed to cultivate a massive texture of distorted and organic sounds. They made multiple copies of it and handed them out at their shows and elsewhere. The songs were also posted on the internet where everyone can find them. They were shortly removed, however, when the band decided to release the material on their own label, Glacial Records. They resolved that pressing the material themselves would offer a great help in dispersing the work and promoting the band. So they spent the next few months going into the winter writing more songs and playing shows in vaster regions. Since 1999, they toured extensively with their previous band and in the process built a ferocious underground cult following throughout the northeast and beyond. They are into taking huge long road trips, especially with uncomfortable, illegal driving conditions, so playing far away works out pretty alright. They are now actively pursuing shows in more distant cities, and they often ponder ways in which they can take months upon months off from work to tour constantly. Now it is 2005. Robots and Empire is searching for methods to reach many audiences for long periods of time, make records, and devote themselves to the development of this band as their first and foremost commitment as livers of life in general. Happy digestion.

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