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Livesay Bio

Band members
Gregg Livesay
Keith 'Bam Bam' Michaels
Tony Stahl
Anthony Cross


After the break up of the New York based local band known as Vandal, Gregg Livesay Vandals featured guitarist, decided he had enough. Year after year joining other people's projects, only to watch them disband, made him reevaluate his music career. He finally came to the conclusion it was time to strike out on his own.

In February of 1991, he started recruiting other musicians to form his own band. He would then form the all-original progressive rock band known today as LIVESAY. Gregg himself had begun classical training at the age of thirteen. Playing for twenty-three years, he has been part of many popular circuit bands such as Saintly Sinner, Silent Listener and Vandal. He has appeared prior to LIVESAY on two compilation albums and two four song EP's, all released in the U.S. and Europe. Known throughout the local club circuit, he is highly respected as a great guitarist. Gregg's ability to play lightning fast leads with accuracy and finesse has caused the audiences to stand in awe.

Filling the role of drummer for the band was the easiest choice for Gregg. Keith "Bam Bam" Michaels was the power behind Vandal and was well known musically as a cross between John Bonham and Tommy Aldridge. He has one of the heaviest snare sounds of any area drummer; combining thunderous fills with taste and precision. Having played in numerous local original bands, such as Four In Hand, Kyng's Rage and Vandal, Keith has also spent years on the club circuit with cover bands such as Skin Flixx, No Break's, Likity Split, The Groove Monsters and The Bad Boys.. His experience in studio recording, live performances, teaching and the music business in general, make him a crucial element of LIVESAY.

Next came keyboardist Tony Stahl. Raised on music, Tony's abilities go far beyond keyboards. Playing guitar, bass and violin are just a few talents he has honed for himself Playing with Keith in Kyng's Rage cemented a friendship that made his joining LIVESAY an easy decision. Coming from a diverse background of musical taste, Tony has limitless ideas in writing and arrangements. His knowledge of recording was a huge asset during the making of their debut CD and his sound has brought LIVESAY'S music in full circle.

After the recent departure of original vocalist Pete White, LIVESAY was forced to search for a new lead voice. The search was short and in came vocalist Anthony Cross. Hailing from the Bronx, Anthony has been in the local band circuit since 1985. Performing with mostly original rock acts such as Freefall, Black Roze, Belfire, Nobody's Fool and last with cover band Strange Behavior, He has proven to have the versatility, vocal range, stage presence and creativity that is needed for LIVESAY to enter the new millennium.

After several delays such as Tropical Storm Floyd, other acts of nature and the departure of long time friend and original bassist Pete Ronda, Livesay was faced with restructuring the rhythm section weeks before the start of production of their forth coming CD "Darkest Hour". Enter Alan Mark! Born and raised in the Bronx, Alan's ties to Livesay go back many years. Aside from being a founding member of Saintly Sinner, tearing up the stage in the middle 80's with Gregg, he also was part of local acts, Nobodys Fool and Strange Behavior, with whom Anthony Cross was the lead vocalist before his inception into Livesay. Alan's thunderous bass sound, energetic stage presence and story telling lyrics will add to the promising future of the Livesay project.

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