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Luminol Bio

Band members
40 - vocals
Cracker - drums
Trav - bass, programming
Jaeger - guitars


Music is changing very fast in the new millineum, and this which might pose as a threat to many artists, we take this as an inspiration to stay above the norm in music... The world is changing everyday, customs and moral beliefs which we call traditions are being broken by people to express their human (made) rights. We will always be changing, evolving, and that's something that nobody can stop...

Luminol is currently in pre-production of their 1st full length release due in the fall.

Luminol started with Vocalist "Dusty Smith", and Drummer "Cracker" in (1997-1999), they looked for the right guitarist and bassist to complete there idea of making one of the heaviest, origional, new wave bands out there.

In the wee months of 1998, Dusty and "Cracker" stumbled upon a guitarist named "Jaeger", Jaeger just quit his job and was cashing his last check nearby at Dusty's work. Jaeger got into a conversation with Dusty about guitarists and Dusty pulled the question, he asked Jaeger to come try out for the band. Later that week Jaeger tried out for the band. Cracker and Jaeger Turned out to be a match mate and the grooves just kep' coming and coming. Over the course of six months Dusty, Cracker and Jaeger incorperated there music together and worked on there music style. Time pasted by without a bassist and it brought hopelessness and thoughts of giving up on the band.

They put up flyers looking for a Bassist and a 2nd guitarist, which we thought would bring up more hope. One night the band was waiting at they're studio for a bassist that was suppost to try out. The bassist never showed up, and suddenly a guitarist named "Trav", called inquiring about the ad for a 2nd guitarist. They told him to come on up, and he came and watched them play for a little bit. Trav liked the style they were going for so he decided to play bass for the band instead. Amazingly he turned out to be our pick for bass. In late '99 vocalist "Dusty", quit for reasons unknown. Luminol had tried out many singer's in the following month's, and narrowed in down to a few in the end... Luminol found a singer in mid-Febuary, his name is "40". Shortly after they recorded a 2 song demo which is to be featured on the "Texas Crunch 2000 Comp".
...and the story continues

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