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Athena Bio

Band members
Francesco Neretti - Vocals
Graziano Poggetti - Guitar
Simone Pellegrini - Guitar
Fabio Doveri - Bass
Gabriele Guidi - Keyboards
Ross Lukather - Drums


The original band was founded in 1991 as a true metal act with classic influences and it took a little while to release a first demo later in '93. At this early stage, all compositions were very influenced by bands like DREAM THEATER and similar sounding clones of that period. It was 1995 when ATHENA signed their first contract ever with a local label, and their first album Inside The Moon eventually saw the light in the middle of that same year.

A serious line?up change gave the band a stronger belief and a new push: the experienced singer and long time friend named Fabio Lione (Joe Terry), who had just left the band LABYRINTH and was in search for a new challenge, joined the band. On top of all that, Limb Schnoor hired Fabio for a studio recording with the new metal phenomenon RHAPSODY, and Fabio's outstanding vocals were now widely recognized within the international scene.

In 1997, a few live gigs tightened the band up and Fabio gave them a renewed heavier vibe and a songwriting that now focused more on power/speed patterns, but with a more melodic approach compared to RHAPSODY. This new direction is clearly ANGRA/STRATOVARIUS oriented, heavier at times and with terrific wide open sing?along choruses.

All recording sessions for A New Religion took place between the end of '97 and beginning of '98 and the album was finally released in June '98. Very positive reviews followed and the band got hooked up on the AXEL RUDI PELL tour throughout Germany in December '98.

In 1999 the band had to face another line?up change: Fabio found himself too busy to keep up with a three band schedule ? RHAPSODY, ATHENA and a new project called VISION DIVINE ?, so he finally decided to leave ATHENA. They chose two brand new and young guys in the Italian metal scene: singer Francesco Neretti and an extra lead & rhythm guitar?axe called Graziano Poggetti. Last but not least a seasoned but rumbling character named Ross Lukather on drums completed the set; he had just got off the LABYRINTH tour with HAMMERFALL where he played as a hired gun.

Past experience and fresh blood were now melted into a perfect combo of power heavy sounds, technical edges and super melodic vocal arrangements, and a new batch of five songs finally draw the attention of long time metal label Noise... ATHENA's new album Might Of Days will be released in January 2001. It is an impressing Power Metal album, packed with very varied songs and full of energy and ideas. Recorded in Euphonic Studios in Pisa this is an album that will make all of you happy: sing?along songs, speedy pieces, midtempo songs and Power Metal hymns. The right songs for any kind of mood.

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