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Nodes Of Ranvier Bio

Nodes Of Ranvier
Band members
Nick - Vocals Jake - Guitar Jon - Guitar Terry - Bass Ryan - Drums


Nodes of Ranvier formed in the fall of 2000. The band started as an outlet for fun and expression by its members. The band makes music with the intention of enjoying what they create and hoping that others will enjoy it as well. Nodes has gone through several lineup changes in its existence with the newest line up being: Jon (guitar), Ryan (percussion), Nick (vocals), Terry (bass), and Jake (guitar). Past members have included: Tyler Maine, Jeremy Schwartz, Zach Poppinga, Nick Thomas, Thomas Hentges and Jon Schuld.

In the Spring of 2002, Nodes of Ranvier released a split CD with the Iowa based band, Innocence Broken, on winterinjuly records. The following summer they released a full length album on facedown records, "lost senses, more innocence". This past July brought a new album from Nodes of Ranvier thatthey feel best represents what this band is all about in all aspects... musically, emotionally, spiritually, and visually. Due to the bands confidence in all aspects of the album they have simply named it "Nodes of Ranvier".

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