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Fall of Troy, The Bio

Fall of Troy, The
Band members
Thomas Erak - Vocals, Guitar Tim Ward - Bass, Vocals Andrew Forsman - Drums


Melodic, uplifting vocals and harmonies, side-by-side with tortured, assaulting screams. Mathematically precise rhythms and complex fretwork, giving way to loose jam-inspired divergences. Pop-meets-punk-meets-metal-meets-rock in the unlikeliest of places: this is the musical crossroads where you'll find Washington State-based trio The Fall of Troy, skittering off defiantly in one direction after another, refusing to stick to any one established road. If it sounds like it all adds up to chaos, that's because it often does - but only in the same beautiful way as our own everyday experience. And with "Doppelganger," their Equal Vision debut, The Fall of Troy are here to show us that there's not only light in the darkness and darkness in the light, but that sometimes it's hard to even tell where one ends and the other begins.

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