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Classic Case
Band members
Jared Draughon - Vocals Durijah Lang - Drums Mitchell Marlow - Guitar Eric Mendelson - Bass Guitar Josh Moore - Guitar/Vocals



Rising from the ashes of highly influential and groundbreaking bands of the past decade, Classic Case is quickly making a name for themselves as one of the hottest new acts today. Armed with a killer live show to their sound can be summed up as a healthy dose of the new generation of hardcore ala Thursday, Glassjaw or Thrice mixed with an intelegent dash of alt-rock of the 1990s ala Incubus. For a fairly new band, Classic Case have gained hordes of adoring fans across the country, and has generated a buzz in the ear of today’s finicky music community.

The story of where Classic Case began goes back to the late 90s, when guitarist/vocalist Mitchell Marlow and vocalist/guitarist Jared Draughon began playing together in the rock outfit Blankface. Following the demise of both Blankface and Marlow’s other buzz worthy group, Soundofspeed, the idea of Classic Case came together in late 2001. The pair, who attended high school together in North Carolina, and later relocated to New York City, created a certain musical spark that resulted in some very promising demo songs. With the addition of bassist Eric Mendelson, drummer Durijah Lang and guitarist/vocals - Josh, Classic Case has become a full time gig just over the past year.

Classic Case’s music is melodic and poppy, yet still aggressive enough to be considered rock. They respect and admire a wide range of influences like The Police, Quicksand, Muse and Ours. While creating a twist on the music they revere and adding in their own unique musical niche, the members of Classic Case clearly showcase their sophistication as songwriters and musicians.

In the band’s mere one and half years in existence, they’ve managed to play alongside such heavy-hitters as Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, Puddle of Mudd, A Static Lullaby, Orgy and The Used. All the while, still being unsigned, they released an EP, “It’s Been Business Doing Pleasure With You,” via their own means. The band is planning on recording independently towards the end of summer for a full-length record, which will be released on a label TBA. As their success continues, Classic Case will plow through the convention of the genre that spawned and evolve into.

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