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Band members
M. Francis Fester — vocals Minnie Mean — guitar Dee Brian C. — bass Wee Wesley — drums


The beast that is LEVEL formed in June of 1995 through a series of chance
meetings. M. Francis Fester, a regular of the local S&M scene, met Dee Brain
C., a bouncer at a local club. The two discovered a similar like in music,
and the idea of LEVEL had been born.

Guitarist Minnie Mean, an acquaintance of both M. and Dee was soon brought
into the fold, for both her heavy, riff-laden guitar style and for her inate
ability to soothe the seething sociopath that is M. Francis Fester. The trio
begain writing music, using M.'s and Dee's brutal true-to-life lyrics while
searching for a drummer to round out the unit. The search ended when M. met
cyberporn hermit Wee Wesley while searching various newsgroups.

These talented, albeit off-center musicians have come together to create a
sound that DC music columnist Silent Dave describes as "brutal and melodic;
a lethal hybrid of harmony and hardcore." LEVEL's sound combines vocal
harmonies and heavy riffs fused with commercial (but not wimpy or poppy)
hooks. Each song integrates strong melody, hinting to the roots of heavy
metal while utilizing the more modern and sometimes abrasive sounds of
groups like Pantera, Metallica and Alice In Chains. The subject matter
varies from song to song covering social issues such as child abuse, the
rise of violence in society, current events and emotional relationships.

LEVEL's recorded works have been and are the very cornerstone of LEVEL's
marketing approach, solidifying the band's belief that the music is the
important thing. LEVEL's two releases, 1996's 12-song CD Silent Cries, and
1998's 4-song EP Subtle Acts Of Rage, have received vast critical praise,
including comments like "one of the best that the (DC/Baltimore) area has to
offer" (Stephen Gorny, Editor, Latent Image Magazine) and "this is the album
that Metallica should have done instead of the black album" (Gary Cramer,
Camelot Music, LaVale MD). The group has enjoyed radio airplay in several
regional markets, with one track from Silent Cries ("Fight") cracking the
Top Five request list on 91.9 FM (Frostburg State University) WFWM's weekly
metal show. Subtle Acts Of Rage met the expectations of the band and fans
alike by faring just as well on the airplay circuit. LEVEL are currently in
the studio working on their next release, tentatively titled Insomniacs of
the Apocalypse. Two early sample tracks from this upcoming release,
"Malignant" and "Salt Lick" have drawn favorable reviews from fans and

The LEVEL philosophy of "less is more" is true when writing music is
concerned, but when playing live the opposite is more effective for a
spectacular stage show. A LEVEL show comes complete with high energy,
theatrical effects and bone-crushing power to create a show that is as fun
to watch as it is to hear.

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