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Cipher was formed in 1996 by long time friends who wanted to bring something
new to underground music. As the group developed artistically and politically
they reasoned that art can and should have a serious social mission. That
mission, coupled with the band's unique blend of diverse musical conventions,
create Cipher's signature sound. Elements of hardcore and metal are intercut
with melodcism and politically radical lyrics to form a provocative, probing
treatment of race, gender, and class.

Cipher embraced a DIY work ethic that has led them to self-release many of
their earlier recordings and embark on numerous tours of the US. Cipher's
last offering, "Antidote" (2001) gained critical acclaim as an unrelenting,
neo-revolutionary musical statement.

After a series of both regional and national tours Cipher went into a two
year hiatus in order to focus much of its energies on writing new material
for its first full-length release on Uprising Records, the much anticipated
concept album, "Children of God's Fire".

With the album complete, the band is committed to opening critical spaces in
underground music and reawakening the legacy of dissent embedded in every
hardcore, punk , or rock riff.

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