heavy metal

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Band members
Matt - vocals
Dan - guitar
Ryan - bass
Dustin - drums


In the summer of 1997 Matt Dalton locked himself away in his basement for a weekend to write and record some material as a way to get through hard times. It was never even dreamed that LeFT would be born from that weekend of solitude. The recording was filed away and forgotten about for almost a year.

LeFT formed seven months later after Matt, Dan, Dusty and Ryan spent a day together in February of 1998. A loud, chaotic tornado of music exploded from the basement on that February afternoon, and it was unanimously decided that the band LeFT had to continue. Within a matter of weeks LeFT wrote six songs and began to prepare to play out. They soon realized that they needed more songs to be able to play a full set, so they pulled out the recording that Matt had tucked away months before and added it to their set list.

In 1999 LeFT released their first CD. It contained twelve tracks of pure emotion, ranging from absolute hopelessness in tracks like "no trust" to untethered rage in "bring it on". It was the raw energy of these songs that gained LeFT a loyal following. Along with the refinement of their sound has come the growth of their fan base. It is apparent that LeFT has found their own unique sound on newer material such as "Insecurity" and "Not Afraid".

The listener feels a connection to LeFT because their songs are based on personal experiences. Betrayal by friends, severed love, the urge to kick the ass of that person that sets you off, confusion, impatience, and fear of the unknown are feelings we all know, and feelings that LeFT conveys in their songs. The members of LeFT don't try to preach about what they don't know and they don't try to act like they know it all . . . they just express what they know of life and people connect with that.

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