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Bedlight for Blueeyes
Band members
CHRISTIAN - Lead Vocals JAMES - Bass and Vocals DEREK - Guitar and Vocals JUSTIN - Guitar and Vocals ITCHY - Drums and Vocals


Passion. Insanity. Rock and Roll. Armed with these notions ingrained in their very bones, five kids out of Berkeley Heights, N.J. have worked tirelessly to perfect a unique and explosive sound. With a legion of die hard fans all over the world, one of the biggest independent labels in the U.S. behind them, and a debut album predicted to “dominate the world,” we may have entered a new era. This is BEDlight for BlueEYES. Welcome to the rebirth of Rock and Roll.
When a unique marriage of post-hardcore grit, metal guitar leads, Motown soul, and hard rock mentality cross paths, the result is nothing less than jaw dropping. This combination of extremes works as a cohesive sound, anchored by the masterful melodic vocals of Christian Andre Guererro. Spontaneous, energetic and passionate, Guerrero was talented enough to receive a vocal scholarship from the prestigious Boston Conservatory of Music. After spending a year at the school, Guerrero felt he was being forced to fit an uncomfortable mold. Not wanting to conform, the singer packed his bags and left. Returning to New Jersey, the singer linked up with hardcore scene veterans, drummer Itzhak Bishburg, bassist James Granuzzo, and guitarists Derek Weber and Justin Ortiz. Incredibly, this group came together a little over a year ago. In that time, the band has established themselves as one of the premier live bands in New Jersey, and leaped into national notoriety via rampant internet buzz.
BEDlight found themselves in an issue of Alternative Press via the magazine’s monthly top ten band chart with only a three song demo to their name. The chart info is based on a poll of Alt Press readers, and BEDlight for BlueEYES were the only band on the chart without a record deal (other bands on the chart included Fallout Boy and Green Day). Shortly thereafter, due to an overwhelming audience vote, the group won a contest to perform at The Taste of Chaos festival in New Jersey alongside bands such as Killswitch Engage, The Used and My Chemical Romance. Ironically while this was a national poll, the band had not played any shows outside of the Garden State. While sharing the stage with groups like Boys Night Out, Spitalfield, Silverstein, A Static Lullaby, and Hawthorne Heights, Trustkill Records, also based in New Jersey, witnessed the buzz first hand. The band signed shortly thereafter in December of 2004.
The band followed this signing by enterering Nada Studios with producer John Naclerio (Senses Fail, My Chemical Romance) to record their debut album, “The Dawn.” The album was then mixed by industry legend Phil Nicolo (John Lennon, Sting, Aerosmith, Billy Joel). “The Dawn” will include re-recorded versions of the band’s original demo songs, as well as nine brand new tracks. Even months before the album is released, BEDlight’s draw was big enough for the group to embark on a headlining national tour with support from The Higher, Cruiserweight, My Epiphany and Secret Lives of the Freemasons.
BEDlight for BlueEYES remain DIY through and through. The band prides itself on sustaining a personal touch in every aspect. Guererro designs all the merchandise, created the band’s website and have spent a great deal of effort building an online community where fans can share in the band’s successes. An example of this is when Guerrero brought a camera in the studio and filmed the entire recording process. The highlights of each day were posted on the band’s Trustkill Online Journal. Guerrero, who was born in Ecuador, will also be recording a Spanish version of the album for future release.
This is just the beginning.

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