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Scared Of Silence Bio

Scared Of Silence
Band members
Steve Aliotta - guitar
Dan Grammer - bass
Sean Keone - vocals
Mike Mower - drums
Kenny "da Finga" - keys


When asked to describe his band's sound, vocalist Keone replies "edgy rock". Scared of Silence was formed from the ashes of two Orange County, California bands in early 2001.

The five members of Scared of Silence met while their previous bands performed together on the LA/Orange County club circuit. "It just happened that both of our former projects disbanded at the same time", explains guitarist Steve Aliotta. "Dan (bass) and Keone started talking… and the next thing I knew, the five of us were in a studio writing together".

The new project already had the foundation of a tight rhythm unit. Grammer, Aliotta and Mike Mower (drums) had been playing together for a couple of years. Keone and da Finga had been writing melodies together for three years. "When we started the new project, our view of the rap-rock style that we all had been playing for the last few years was…. Been there, done that", explains Keone. "We wanted a new sound… something heavy but with plenty of melody".

After writing over a dozen songs together, the band decided to record a five track cd. They recorded the cd over the course of two days. " We wanted the energy you feel from seeing us live to come across in recording. We decided to get in and out of the studio… keeping any overdubs to a minimum", offers Grammer. And that's what the band did. They recorded the instrument tracks live in an oversized loft on a Saturday afternoon and the vocal tracks were laid down the following day. The end result… a cd that is receiving rave reviews from their fans, peers, and fellow musicians alike.

Where does the band go from here? " I sleep, eat, and breathe music", says da Finga. " Whether I'm playing with my band or sitting at my home studio writing beats… all I can think about is my dream of doing this full time, professionally".

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