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Bane Bio

Band members
Branislay - vocals, guitar Khargash - vocals, bass Vandal - Rhythm guitar Zombi - drums

death metal
black metal

Created in 2006 by Branislav Panic (SYNESIS ABSORPTION). A Demo was recorded one year later, but was never released.

Quickly after the first recording, BANE fell into oblivion. Two years of complete silence and absence had passed before the writing process started to develop again.

While composing new material, Igor "Goat" (GOAT RITUAL) joined in late 2009, making this "one-man project" finally evolve into a band, and short after came Zombi (INFEST, ex-THE STONE, ex-MAY RESULT) behind the drum set.

BANE then recorded a 4-track EP in December 2009, and in January 2010 signed with Victory By Fire Records (Europe), and Winter Thorn Records (USA) for the release of the EP.

A month later, the band welcomed Khargash (OBSCURED) as a permanent bass player and scream vocalist, so the line-up was finally completed. However shortly after the release of "Misanthropia", Igor leaves the band due to personal reasons.

Remaining as a trio once again, BANE is soon afterwards joined by Vandal (INFEST) on rhythm guitars. Short after the band appeared on many gigs and Festivals in Slovenia, Czech Republic and Serbia, having shared the stage with many international acts such as: Root (CZ), Depresy (SK), Enthrallment (BUL), James Rivera (USA), Septic Scum (SLO), Infest (SER), and many more....

In July, "Misanthropia" was re-released on Set Productions (Egypt). A month later, the band finally recorded their long awaited full-length album entitled "Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness" in HellSound Studio (Czech Republic) and will soon be announcing released dates for the album, as well as new European Tour dates...

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