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A Perfect Circle Bio

A Perfect Circle
Band members
Billy Howerdel - Composer and Guitar
Maynard James Keenan - Words and Vocals
Paz Lenchantin - Bass and Violin
Troy Van Leeuwen - Guitar
Josh Freese - Drums


A Perfect Circle is not a side project. A Perfect Circle is not a hobby for any of those involved.

A Perfect Circle does not represent the end of anything. A Perfect Circle does not represent the begining of anything.

A Perfect Circle is not a religion. A Perfect Circle is not a political movement.

A Perfect Circle is the continuation and the furtherance of many extraordinary musical ideas.

A Perfect Circle is a Los Angeles-based band formed at the end of the last decade by free-thinking individuals, each actively seeking to challenge themselves and their listeners through intense and provocative performance. Mer De Noms (French, for Sea of Names) is A Perfect Circle's first album, a remarkable collection of creatively un-categorizable modern music.

Singer Maynard James Keenan is the voice and the soul of A Perfect Circle. On twelve new songs Maynard delivers a towering yet vulnerable presence which stands in bold unexpected contrast to any of his previous efforts.

Guitarist Billy Howerdel, the band's chief songwriter and producer writes the incredible music and is the heart of the band. Billy deftly combines keen instinct with a raw talent to create passages of atmosphere, beauty and power.

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