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Purge Bio

Band members
Guitar - Ryan Kelley
Drums - R. J. Boyer
vocal - Chris Loesch
bass - Matt Kelley
guitar - Craig Sheehan


Purge is a St. Louis-based five-piece with an aggressive, industrial-tinged sound, rich in radio friendly hooks and impassioned intensity. Boasting a relentless, high-energy show, Purge captivates their audience with a brutal, sonic assault and a flair for stage theatrics. In the five plus years since their inception, Purge has won over new fans throughout the Midwest and now sits poised to explode onto the national scene.

Having shared the stage with such well-known acts as Gravity Kills, P.O.D., Radio Iodine, Mayfield Four, and Naked, Purge looks to take their creativity and work ethic to headline the stages they once opened.

On the heels of their successful, self-produced debut CD "CUD", Purge is quickly being recognized for their efforts on a national and international level, having been featured on many major compilations - as well as earning airplay on radio stations in large and small markets. Recently, Purge has been awarded spots on Pointessential Volume 5, and the 2 CD "best of" Pointessential Volume 6, sponsored by KPNT - 105.7 "the Point" in St. Louis. In addition, Purge can be heard on "Indie Buzz", the 1999 North by Northeast Compilation, "Commercial Breakdown", released by Blank Canvas Records in the United Kingdom in September of 1999, as well as being one of the bands highlighted in Spotlight Magazine's "Regional Music Showcase" in 1996 and 1997.

Currently, the band is developing an innovative stage show, as well as shopping a six-song EP based on their new material from their forthcoming release entitled "Soundtrack for Suffering". The EP, "Enter Suffering", features remixes by Jeff Sheel of Gravity Kills, Tony Persyn (formerly of Radio Iodine), and Tim Gebaur of Bellyfeel. In addition, mastering credits on the EP go to Tom Baker of Oasis Studios, who has worked with countless major-label projects such as Stone Temple Pilots and Nine Inch Nails.

In their immediate future, Purge will continue to expand upon their dedicated army of "Purge-o-philes", while seeking to become a priority investment as part of an enterprising, artist-supportive record label.

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