heavy metal

Audiovent Bio

Band members
Jason Boyd: lead vocals
Benjamin Einziger: guitars and backing vocals
Paul Fried: bass guitar
Jamin Wilcox: drums and backing vocals


Having already made a name for themselves via ecstatic live performances up and down the West Coast, the time has come for "DIRTY SEXY KNIGHTS IN PARIS," the electrifying Atlantic Records debut from AUDIOVENT.

The Calabasas, California-based quartet has been making music together for nearly a decade and their tight interpersonal bond is reflected in their multi-faceted, intensely textured sound. Inspired by an eclectic variety of old-school rock and soul, AUDIOVENT have dedicated themselves to the art of songwriting and sonic experimentation. Tracks like the album-opening "The Energy" and the hypnotic "Rain" boast a passionate melodic thrust and an inventive rhythmic approach which points to the band's goal of guiding the music they love towards the new era.

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