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26 Miles Per Hour Bio

26 Miles Per Hour
Band members
Airrick Nettleton - Vocals
Toño Garcia-Romero - Drums
Baron Von Rosser - Bass
Adam Nettleton - Guitar


26MPH has gone through various incarnations since it's inception in 1995 with the only original member being Airrick. The band started off as a more alternative/pop punk band and has progressed into a heavy juggernaut that incorporates metal, hardcore as well as alternative influences. They have played shows all over Northern California and have played with such bands as: Papa Roach, Alien Ant Farm, Will Haven, Hoods, Sevendust, Kittie, Kotton Mouth Kings, Agent Orange, and Sprung Monkey to name a few. They released two CDs "Apathy" and "Walk Alone" before being picked up by Popsmear Records. Their latest offering, "Redefine" incorporates all their influences and is their heaviest and most melodic CD to date. With their hard work ethic and drive you will no doubt be hearing about them soon.

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