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Opposition Party Bio

Opposition Party
Band members
Bret Aita - vocals and bass
Dave French - drums and backup vox
Eric Hendrikx - guitars, Harmonica, Talk Box
Neil Macpherson - keys


Opposition Party dropped into San Diego in the summer of 1999 with determination and a distinct vision. Together they to play some real "Rock and Fucking Roll" and wrest the music scene from the hands of all that pussy, alternative bullshit.

Bassist/vocalist Bret Aita(formerly of Stonehigh), along with drummer Dave French(also of Stonehigh and Foreground) moved from Chico, California to meet guitarist and long-time San Diegan Eric Hendrikx(Kindred and Naked Rhythm). Soon after came the arrival of keyboardist Neil MacPherson (Shadows and Saggin¹ Titty) from Los Angeles, completing the "Party".

Opposition Party is here to kick ass and take prisoners.

Onstage, Opposition Party creates a thick wall of wicked sound that has become their signature. That's why they've been filling local venues such as Casbah, Dream Street, Blind Melons, Brick by Brick; and are opening for high energy national acts like Pat Travers. These guys deliver a combined attack of gritty vocals, crunchy guitar, pounding drums, pulsing bass and sinister keys. With driving music and memorable songs, Opposition Party promises to be the next step in the evolution of revolution.


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