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Order By Chaos Bio

Order By Chaos
Band members
David Rowe - vocals
Marshall Mcminds - bass
Todd Hunn - drums
Mark Digiacomo - turntables
Gary Campla - guitar


The history of O.B.C. is all based on a common goal set fourth by 5 create an honest, purely aggression filled, new school style of brutal music. A style in which would be based on pure hostility, leaving no room for compromise.

Bassist Marshall McMinds and guitarist Gary Campla had been playin in band together for about a year. The two never felt they reached the level that they were capable. Marshall's playing ability shines brightest while playing with pure intensity and feeling. Gary is at his best when the playing consists of hard driving, aggressive, cut throat riffs. They fed off each other and felt they needed to have the same energy feeding from all other band members. They knew the only drummer that would compliment their style was an old acquintance Todd Hunn. Hailing from Huntingtoin Beach, California Todd was always disappointed about the music scene in Jax and was ready to start making some changes. Whether he was playing straight foward hardcore styles or more hip hop flavored rhythms Todd always creates a beat like no other.

With the band almost complete, the search for a singer seemed hopeless. Everyone who tried fronting the band where severly overpowered by the music. The idea was to get a lead singer who can be just as heavy as the music, someone who would even stand out over the other three. No one they tried had the anger, the honesty, the talent or the balls that was being strived for...until David Rowe enetered the practice room. While Marshall and Todd where jamming a little hip hop tye joint Rowe got on the mic and proceeded to freestyle. David's lyrical skills had everyone in the room focused on him but when Gary came in on the jam with his usual grinding Rowe demonstrated his screaming abilities and instantly became the new frontman for OBC.

All the members knew they still had something missing from the lineup. At first the target was to recruit another guitarist but instead they met Mark Digiacomo AKA DJ Squiggs. After witnessing Mark on the 1200s they knew he was the final piece to the puzzle. When approached with the offer of becoming part of OBC Mark was very hesitant since being predominetly from a hip hop background. He had been spinning, scratching and producing beats since he was 12 so there was no way OBC was taking no for an answer. They brought him out to a practice one night and as soon as he saw the hostility of OBC he was convinced.

With Order By Chaos now having a compete lineup targets where set. After tearing up clubs all over Florida OBC was ready to record and release some materila. With help from friend, executive producer and all around niced guy Chad 'Big Poppa' Flick OBC released " A Dynasty Is Born" on Sept 1st, 1998. With the 11 track (plus a hidden track 7:20 into the last song) cd moving out of local stores at such rapid speeds, local alternative radio WPLA Planet Radio 93.3 had no choice but to include a track from OBC on their upcoming 'Native Noise' cd. The song "THC" was out into regular rotation on Planet after a barrage of requests from listeners. Through all this time OBC became plagued with rumors of gang affiliation, inciting riots at show and excessive violence on and off stage. Many clubs in Jacksonville became afraid to book OBC one such club stating "they were too heavy to play their establishment" (although that same club held a night of local hardcore music every week) and another club said" we're
afraid of the potential violence the OBC crowd would bring into our club." Amongst all the controversy OBC consistently packs the house wherever they're able to play drawing no less than 200 fans out. It's the stage in which OBC is truly gifted. Every song, every time is performed with 110% feeling and emotion. From the opening seconds of a show to the very end the crowd is either in the pit moshing or just staring at the stage in awe. Order By Chaos live is definetly not the place for the weak or the timid as each show grows with more intensity and more fans.

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