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Nailed Promise Bio

Nailed Promise
Band members
Nathan Garcia - vocals, guitar
Travis Brown - bass, vocals
Ryan Brown - guitar
Matthew Miller - drums


A tight blend of timing, taste and innovation. Nailed Promise takes the new metal sound and expands on the musicality of subtle rhythmic change and syncopation. If a tight heavy riff is what you're looking for, if you want music that has both musical substance and yet is deep in meaning...look no further.

In the 6 year history of this tight-knit band, Travis, Nathan, Matthew and Ryan have been coast to coast playing and sharing good times with such bands as Payable on Death, Zao, Embodyment, Travail, Society's Finest, No Innocent Victim, Spoken, Squad Five-0, Living Sacrifice, Morella's Forest, Fold Zandura, and the mighty Stavesacre.

Nailed Promise's past Discography includes the inexpensively recorded 1995 release "Life Through Death" that sold out locally, and a four song demo which was never released, (Except for that rendition of the infamous "Jabberwocky"). In April of 1997, Nailed Promise signed with Rescue Records. (launchpad label for such bands as P.O.D (Atlantic), Dogwood, N.I.V (Victory), Dirt, Mindrage , and released a full length album, "Realize" in the summer of 1998, Produced by P.O.D.'s Marcos Curiel. This album sold well nationally, and helped to spread the message and grow the noteriety of the band.

After parting ways with Rescue Records over business differences in May of 2000, the year was a little quiet for the band. Here on the cusp of the new year, things are beginning to happen again, and a more mature sound is emerging from a more mature quartet of guys. In October 2000, NP signed with Indie label Pluto Records and will release four new songs on a Split CD with another Rescue former, Little Rock, Arkansas' Mindrage. Look for this release in January 2001.

All of these things are fine and good, but what Nailed Promise is really all about is showing people that are turned off to religion that Christianity is not a dry waste of time, but a relationship, a give and take with Almighty God. That is our purpose and reason for existing, as a band and individually.

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