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Mudvayne Bio

Band members
ryan martinie - bass player
greg tribbett - guitar
matthew mcdonough - drummer
chad gray - vocals


Mudvayne is direct and to the point. not overly complicated, while maintaining intensity, they strive to penetrate into the listener--grab their attention at a gut, instinctual level and leave the impression that what they've heard is their own.

The music might be described as hard-core groove; powerful, yet still maintaining a beat that grips. the listener is unable to resist the hypnotic presence of rhythm, which is the focus of mudvayne's approach.

Influences can be hard to pinpoint, and their interests as people are varied. painters, such as vincent van gogh and pablo picasso may be cited for their originality and unconventionalism.

The reality and hostility of an urban crisis as shown in current movies and by their makers have touched their sound, like: quentin tarantino and "a clockwork orange". aleister crowley and e.e. cummings, because of their courage to challenge, have inspired them as performers and "alice in wonderland" for a sense of adventure.

The band's history spans two and a half years; yet its member's individual careers date back to countless prior bands. after an unmentionable amount of hours playing in basement and garage bands, the members came together with serious intentions. these intentions being to create a national presence through recording, and more importantly through touring. mudvayne, to date, has sold a thousand copies of their debut self-released album within an eight-month period. their cd was number four on local record sales charts. they have played all over the midwest, from denver to philadelphia, and have opened for several national-touring acts.

From an individual approach, their backgrounds are broad and extensive. ryan martinie, bass player, has won several state high school awards for classical vocals. he also has a long history with jazz bass, vocals and sword swallowing. greg tribbett, guitarist (the big ragu) has a strong background in the local music scene dating back to his teens. in the years of his youth, his engagement to the local gestapo heightened his sense of awareness and personal preservation. matthew mcdonough, drummer, a self-proclaimed super- genius spent many years in his youth performing with drum & bugle corps. his exquisite and twisted percussile orchestrations are influenced by too many twilight hours spent in front of a computer monitor. chad gray, masticator, found his youthful spare hours engaged in gargling gravel and 10w40. his year-round youthful glow is due to his many days spent serenading a furnace as a child. as a whole, the band is proud of the fact, that none of the members have any formal training with the instruments they play.

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