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Mastic Scum Bio

Mastic Scum
Band members
man - drums
will - vocals
harry - guitar
steff - bass



Mastic Scum was formed in 1992 - inspired from the metal/hardcore scene of the early `90 s. We were (and are) a four man combo, making some noise in the classic way - drums, bass, guitar and vocals. One year later we got a deal with the German label "Rodel Rec." who released the first EP "e.c.b." in the end of `93. The songs on this EP are very influenced from death metal of these days.


Afterwards we tried to find our own stream - we put more emphasis on grindcore in a raw and technical way. Also a new bass player joined the band and so we were ready to record 7 new songs for our "demo" released in autumn `94. It was an edition of 700 tapes which was sold very good.

In 1995 the German label "Rodel Rec." released the 7" EP "tilt" (7 Studio tracks) and the Tape "live" (different live recordings) was out on "Obliteration Rec." from Japan. This two releases were distributed worldwide and so we could built up our name in the scene.

Lateron we got a deal with the Austrian label "Ohne Maulkorb Prod." for the Split-CD "fake" with the band "Fleshless" from the Czech Republic. It was out in summer `96 where we got great reactions all over the world.

Further more a lot of split releases were out on different labels: "Epidemie Prod." from the Czech Republic released the 7" EP "riot" (with "Malignant Tumour" from Czech Rep.), the Tape "pure" (with "Mixomatosis" from Spain) was out on "Capeet Tapes" from Austria, the 7" EP "fear" (with "Blockheads" from France) was released on the German label "Stuhlgang Rec." and the Tape "hurt" (with "Senseless" from Croatia) was out on "Fecal Forces Prod./ Sad Tapes" from Slovenija.
The Split-EP "rape" (with "C.S.S.O." from Japan) was out on "Ohne Maulkorb Prod." from Austria in spring 1998. Both bands did 4 cover songs for this piece of purely insane music. Mastic Scum CD "fake"

Chapter III:

In summer `99 the new CD MASTIC SCUM "zero" was released on the German label "Noise Variations" which is distributed worldwide. 17 songs of fresh, grooving grindcore/crossover with originality and extremity, with full colour booklet, lyrics, merchandise, … It was recorded and mixed at "Dark Matter Rec." in vienna. Our heaviest and most punishing record to date. Mastic Scum CD "zero"
Our lyrics reflect the daily shit that happens on our world - in our sarcastic way. We draw our inspirations from the mankind - about the human scum.

Til now we played a lot of shows. We also did some small tours like the "Infection Tour" 1996 in the Czech Republic, the "Döner Tour" 1996 in Istanbul, the "Hang Over Tour" 1997 in Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany and the "Fuck The Commerce Tour" 2000 in Germany. We played concerts in countries like Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium,France, the Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovenija, Croatia as well as in Turkey.

In july 2001 the split tape "reek" with "Mastic Scum" and "Haemorrhage" was released on "Shindy Prod." from the Czech Republic.
"Mastic Scum" present 5 studio-tracks (from the CD "zero"), 4 cover-songs (from the EP "rape") and 5 live-tracks recorded 1999 in Austria and The Switzerland.

"Haemorrhage" from spain present a live-recording from the Czech Rep. in summer 2000. Mastic Scum CD "reek"
The CD „zero" was rereleased on „Demonware Rec." from Austria in october 2001. It was released as „Enhanced CD" edition including 4 bonustracks + 1 live video. The recordings were remastered at „Wild One Studios" (Vienna) in july 2001. The video was recorded at the „Fuck The Commerce III" Festival (Germany) in spring 2000. This CD features 21 songs of fresh, grooving Grindcore - our heaviest and most punishing record to date.

Future Plans:

At the time we are grinding away some new scum for you. We enter the „Boom Room" Studios (Austria) in november 2001 to record our next full length CD. It will be the progression of our latest cd „zero". New album to be released in spring 2002.

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