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Thursday Bio

Band members
Geoff Rickly: Vocals
Steve Pedula: Guitar
Tim Payne: Bass
Tom Keely: Guitar
Tucker Rule: Drums


Standing in a crowded room; you are but a shadow among flailing arms and a swarm unfamiliar faces. You feel like a stranger, but there is an under lying force that connects everyone in the room. Recollections of loss, despair, and the tribulations of just making it to the next day consume your thoughts. Only a band as emotionally charged and inspiring as Thursday can bring out these deeply seeded feelings.

New Brunswick, NJ's Thursday have been evoking intense passions in people for almost two years. The band began as a closely-knit group of friends who channeled those unbreakable bonds into not only an idea, but also an unparalleled sound that sets Thursday apart from all other bands.

Thursday's guitarists; Tom Keely and Steve Pedula blend crunchy melancholic guitar riffs with Tim Payne's charming bass lines and Tucker Rule's multifaceted drum rhythms that unify to lay the groundwork to Thursday's unique sound. Geoff Rickly then adds a turbulent storm of passionate vocal harmonies that without warning spark into a dervish of hair pulling screams that only a band as dexterous as Thursday can create.

Thursday got their start playing cramped shows in the legendary basement of 331 Somerset St. in the heart of New Brunswick, NJ. They set up their own DIY shows that brought about the likes of bands such as At the Drive In, Hot Water Music and many other bands that helped to get them shows along the East Cast.

Local New York City label, Eyeball Records picked them up in 1998 and released their first full-length release, ÒWaitingÓ shortly after they were signed. 'Waiting' was met with an astounding response. This debut release made enough noise to catch the eye of leading independent label, Victory Records. Thursday is now diligently writing new material that is guaranteed to be more powerful and thought provoking than anything they have ever written before. They head into the studio in late November to lay down the tracks that will become their second full-length release, and Victory debut. The album is still currently untitled but is set for release in early spring of 2001.

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