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Tread Bio

Band members
Joe - bass
Andy - guitars
Doug - drums
Chad - vocals


The original metal band TREAD emerged in Denver, Colorado in 1993, from the convergence of four musical minds focused on the single goal of developing the world's foremost sonic alloy. Through years of tireless development and refinement, TREAD has perfected the formula for producing its own brand of high tech, high tensile metal, which boasts an unprecedented weight to strength ratio. TREAD's success is based on a line up of players that has remained unchanged since day one: Chad Hager Vocals, Andy McGuireGuitar, Joe Van Schoyck Bass, and Doug Whitney Drums.

Though the exact recipe and production technique is a highly guarded trade secret, TREAD has acknowledged that one amazing feature of its product is that it is naturally tuned to the resonant frequency of the human skull. For this reason, it was initially believed that TREAD was simply too powerful for use in widespread applications. However, years of testing on hundreds of volunteer audiences proved these fears to be unfounded. And in fact, healthy individuals have shown measurable benefit when exposed to TREAD for extended periods. While the initial effects include a rise in heart rate, adrenaline level, and the apparent overall loss of self control, the net effect is the release of years of repressed aggression, leaving the listener with a deep and pervasive sense of well being.

For the initiated, the beauty of TREAD is easy to understand, but remains hard to define, and must simply be experienced. Each song is a journey in itself that must be taken to be appreciated. TREAD's signature sound and unmistakable groove turn incidental listeners into fans. The depth of music and subtlety in songwriting turn fans into dedicated supporters.

TREAD has amassed a catalog of over thirty original songs, ten of which were featured on its limited release debut, Gription. Due to the success of Gription, TREAD will now be available to the general public in the form of their second full length release, Hiding from the Sun. Look for TREAD on the road in support of the new album, beginning fall 2001.

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