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Transgression Bio

Band members
Erick- Vocals
Bri- Drums
Seth- Guitar
Alan- Guitar
Jake- Bass


Transgression isn't a gimmick or tool. Transgression isn't a belief or an ideal. Transgression isn't a religion, cult, or some other strange occurrence. Transgression is five guys who go out and create the most honest and powerful music we possibly can. Based out of New Jersey and Pennsylvania we've been playing shows locally and out of state for the past year and a half. During this time we've had the chance to record our first E.P/demo released on Gigglepatch records in October of 2001. Containing 4 songs that we thought best described our sound at the time. Although we've grown musically and personally since then, these songs still put forth a good description of our style.

Each member brings a different angle to the band. Without one another, we wouldn't be who or where we are today. The first seeds were planted back in the summer of 1998, when Seth and Bri started jamming out to old Sepultura songs in Bri's basement. It wasn't anything more than drums and guitars until Erick came in around the spring of 99 bringing a new life into the band. But, even with this, the line up wasn't complete. So in the winter of 99 came Alan. The search for a bass player proved fruitless for some time, but in the spring/summer of 99 when Brian joined up. While this arrangement worked, something just wasn't right, and in December of 2000 Brian parted ways with the band. Directly after that Jake came to fill in. Things didn't work out very well in the beginning, and Brian was brought back in the band for a little bit of time. But after things cooled down the band realized that Jake was the better man for the job and took him back into the fold. That has been the line up to this very day.

2002 is shaping up to be a very eventful year for Transgression. High profile shows being booked with larger bands at better venues, such as the Skateopia jam in Ohio, featuring 40 national acts over the course of a weekend in June. A summer tour is also being planned out with bands from the area. Although it may be hard, they also plan on spending time working on new material for their full-length debut, which will hopefully be recorded over the course of the summer. With the year only at its beginning, Transgression is already moving full force ahead in the positive direction. They will allow nothing to stop them in their path of destruction.

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