heavy metal

Understitch Bio

Band members
Mike - Vocals
Matt - Guitars
Justin - Bass
Greg - Drums

alt metal

Understitch, formed in November of 1999, blends melodic guitar, ominous bass, intense drumming, and emotion filled vocals. Every moment of silence is balanced with a barrage of furious rage and frustration. The lyrics deal with topics such as drug addictions, depression, child abuse, suicide, and some of the other darker aspects of life. The songs deal with the wrongs of society in general and trying to find one's self. Their influences are very eclectic and the music is mostly based on vented emotions. Their sound as a whole consists of tension released in moments of unbridled aggression. Their live show can best be described as passionately portrayed depiction of their CD, always unpredictable, and every moment of stillness is followed by moments of fanatical movement.

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