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Minor Times, the Bio

Minor Times, the
Band members
Brendan McAndrew - vocals Brian Medlin - drums Matt Leo - bass Tim Leo – guitar


For the well-initiated in the hardcore scene, Pennsylvania’s THE MINOR TIMES are a welcomed throwback to a genre that once showcased intelligent lyrics, technical yet jarring riffs and unyielding passion behind the music over heavy-handed breakdowns and straightforward lyrics. Having graced multiple Hellfests, a plethora of venues, boasting a relentless DIY attitude and staying undoubtedly hardcore by nature, THE MINOR TIMES has already successfully proved that bands can tour with the likes of Dead To Fall, Ed Gein and Drowningman, yet still stay rooted enough to pour as much passion their live show at New England Metalfest as they do in the dingy confines of a VFW hall.

After releasing the Chris Chambers Never Misses EP in 2002, THE MINOR TIMES followed that up with a 2004 release of Making Enemies via Level Plane Records, quickly catching the ears of hardcore diehards across the country, as well as garnering critical praise and ultimately landing a 2005 re-release of the record through Prosthetic Records. Now, with a few more years and an abundance of shows already in the books, THE MINOR TIMES is ready to release Summer of Wolves, an eagerly-awaited release brimming with ferocity and passion that is matched in quantity, and quality, only by the jarring and technical riffs and the unrelenting screams of frontman Brendan McAndrew.

Summer of Wolves showcases creative, unconventional song structures and uncommon ideals as much as it does caustic, pissed off hardcore angst. Showcasing the ability to pace themselves across the record’s length and somehow still pulling off the 8-minute “This Is The Blues” alongside more turbo-charged two- and three-minute anthems like “+ + +” and “Bring In The Suit” and “Firespitter,” THE MINOR TIMES proves that there’s still plenty of room for intelligence, creativity and ingenuity within the confines of an easily pigeonhole-able genre.

Spanning 41 minutes across 11 tracks, Summer of Wolves is a more than worthy follow-up to Making Enemies, sure to keep fans already on the band’s side happy, while still catching newcomers’ ears…and eyes. With detailed artwork and layout from artist Mark Price, mastering from Alan Douches (Shadows Fall, Mastodon, Converge) and a crystal clear recording from returning producer Vince Ratti (A Life Once Lost, Bury Your Dead), Summer of Wolves is a complete package, necessitating a hard copy in the digital age.

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