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Moker Bio

Band members
Ad de Wachter - Vocals Fre Wauters - Bass Angelo Mannetst├Ątter - Guitar Wouter Sels - Drums


Moker was born founded early 2003 by 2 members of the metalcore act Linchpin(RIP). Their drummer,Wouter Sels, and guitar player, Angelo Mannetst├Ątter, wanted to play harder and more brutal stuff and above all more metal. So a logical step was to play deathmetal.
A singer, Ad de Wachter, was found in a guy that played many backing vocals in different bands. They asked him to join their new project, and as he agreed their brutality could be add with vocal sickness.
Drummer Wouter Sels asked an old friend, Stijn de Wever, to join them on the bass and so the band was complete.
In 2005 Moker recorded a split CD with there friends from Outcast and was released succesfull in 2006 on Shiver Records.
After many shows Stijn de Wever decides to quit Moker because of personal reasons. We asked Fre Wauters (ex-vocals Linchpin) if he would join Moker to play bass and of course he agreed.
In 2006 we signed a new record-deal with Shiver Records for a full-length debut-album, so in the fall of 2006 we entered the CCR studio for recording our first full-length, Translating the Pain, wich will be released in the spring of 2007.
Moker found a second guitar player, Dirk Broeren (ex- guitarplayer in Mordred, ex-guitar/vocals in Aeons of Old), who will play his first show for Moker in the spring of 2007.

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