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Shatter Messiah Bio

Shatter Messiah
Band members
Greg Wagner - Vocals Curran Murphy - Lead Guitar Dusty Holt - Rhythm Guitar Robert Falzano - Drums Ron Boisvert - Bass

power metal

Having sharpened his guitar prowess by playing technically demanding songs on numerous tours as a member of NEVERMORE ("Politics Of Ecstasy" and "Dead Heart In A Dead World" tours) and ANNIHILATOR (performing on the "Waking The Fury, "Double Live Annihilation" and "All For You" albums and tours), Curran Murphy is now stepping out of the shadows of these acclaimed acts to form his own band, SHATTER MESSIAH. SHATTER MESSIAH's sound is a viciously intense mixture combining Curran's hardcore metal roots with classic thrash and power goth, resulting in compositions of over the top aggression and melodic skill. These musical works showcase Curran's awe-inspiring guitar playing and a flair for dramatic songwriting. To be able to complete the band he had in mind, Curran required a vocalist for SHATTER MESSIAH that could literally sing anything, from demonic growls to a melodious angelic choir, piercing highs to earth shattering lows. Just as Curran began to think that this vocalist did not exist, Greg "Wags" Wagner (BREAKER; ex-ARCHETYPE) auditioned for the position, and Curran knew that he had finally found the singer that would put no limits on his musical vision. The next piece that needed to be added to this complex musical puzzle was a drummer that could play the blazing, seemingly inhuman drums required for this band. Robert Falzano (a virtuoso hand picked by drum god Mike Mangini to replace him in ANNIHILATOR) was asked to join the band, along with whom came longtime friend and bass player Ron Boisvert. With that SHATTER MESSIAH was now ready to blow the face off the metal world.

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