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Abominator Bio

Band members
Andrew Undertaker - Guitar, Bass, Vocals Chris Volcano - Drums, Vocals Valak Exhumer - Bass

death metal
black metal

Abominator was formed in December 1994, with Chris Volcano on drums and Andrew Undertaker on Guitar. Even at this early stage Abominator's music, although very primitive compared to later efforts, was already standing out as a dark force in the underground - the constant blasts combined with an unrelenting rhythm proved to be the perfect combination of darkness and carnage and thus, Abominator had created their style.
Several demos were recorded and issued as tapes and a split CD, the band signed with US underground label Necropolis. Their debut, 'Damnation's Prophecy', got received well but band and label split, yet Osmose were quick to sign the band. 'Subversives for Lucifer' (2001) and 'Noctemeron Descent' (2003) were recorded and released, each showing lot of progression from their previous efforts. Total War Black Metal, with that typical Australian touch of mayhem! Despite the good co-operation the band decided to leave Osmose and soon got in contact with Displeased Records. The new album 'The Eternal Conflagration' got recorded in late 2005, for a late May 2006 priority release! Expect the best effort by this band so far, total bestial black death mayhem from down under!

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