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The Senseless is the ongoing solo work of myself, The Berzerker member Sam Bean. The songs on this CD have been worked on for anywhere up to ten years, and were first demoed during 2004. They were originally recorded in my simplistic studio setup before I got some wiser, more experienced people involved.

Matt Wilcock of Akercocke did mixing and engineering on the guitars, Luke Kenny of Berzerker did general mixing, and the ever-helpful Mr.Fruity Loops did the gruelling grinding drumwork. Input was provided by various friends - author James DaCosta wrote up the lyrics to 'Promise' (the actual lyrics were written back around 1988 or so), Old Drake from Evile contributed the second solo to the same song, Wilcock cursed my feeble tapping efforts on 'Trash' and played the tapping part himself.

I didn't make the songs so as to sign them up as a project and release them. I've written countless songs over the last decade and these are the ones I still get a charge out of hearing and playing. I made the CD for fun, and to give to friends and people I've toured with as a kind of calling card. Many of these songs had a riff which found their way into Berzerker tracks where they were quickly Berzerkerised and mutated beyond my original vision of them, and I wanted to display them in their 'true' form. I also wrote most of these songs because I was sick to shit of reading exciting press releases about some band's new CD being 'innovative', 'experimental', or 'heavier then ever before' and then hearing the same old jerky. My imagination would run with bands' press releases and when reality fell short of it, my imagination would demand I make a song as penance. Well, not really. I Did It For Fun.

The project found its way to Anticulture through Charles Provost of HIM Media. I met Charles on the 2006 UK Berzerker tour, and he heard the Senseless project when I got him to pass some CDs on to french band HappyFace. He bought the CD to the attention of Anticulture who have swiftly licenced it and now have the unenviable task of sneaking this filth into your home stereo.

I'll be re-recording the material back in Australia in november 2006 with Luke 'The Berzerker' Kenny in Nashland Studios. The release 'In The Realm of the Senseless' will be due out first quarter of 2007.

I offer the CD with the following guarantee - there will be at least two songs that will rock you harder than anything you've heard in ages. I also guarantee there will be at least two songs you hate.

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