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Serenity Bio

Band members
Mario Hirzinger - keys, vocals Thomas Buchberger - rhythm & lead guitar Georg Neuhauser - lead vocals Simon Holzknecht - bass Andreas Schipflinger - drums, vocals

power metal

SERENITY formed in January 2001 to deliver their unique brand of progressive Melodic Metal. Through successful live performances and raving reviews, the band soon became well established as one of the leading contenders in the region. Yet their impending leap into the limelight would have to wait as line-up changes plagued the band in late 2003.

With three of the founding members gone, SERENITY began their search for suitable replacements. With the addition of Georg Neuhauser on vocals, Thomas Buchberger on guitar, and Simon Holzknecht on bass, the band finally settled down to work on new material.

The new line-up brought some subtle musical changes. The songs, supported by the prowess of their new lead vocalist, became more metal-oriented, yet retained the melodious interludes that continued to call for orchestral arrangements in several voices.

SERENITY’s crucial test, however, came on 2 August 2004. The band jumped at the chance to support Ronnie James Dio in front of an unbelievably raging crowd. The success of this important gig provided proof of the band’s competence, giving way to other significant gigs, which finally granted SERENITY the approving respect of the local metal scene.

In the meantime SERENITY had begun producing a new demo, entitled 'Engraved Within'. Mixed by Jan Vacik at Dreamscape Studios in Munich, 'Engraved Within' was released in the spring of 2005, receiving outstanding reviews throughout Europe, including the highly coveted 'Demo of the Month' honor in the German magazines Rock Hard and Metal Hammer.

While SERENITY had awoken the interest of several labels, the band decided to self-finance their first full-length album in order to increase their chances in securing a more profitable deal, as well as better touring opportunities.

'Words Untold & Dreams Unlived' can be called a true European project, for it was recorded in part at Dreamscape Studios, Munich as well as in Austria, and mastered at Finnvox Studios in Helsinki. The orchestral arrangements were produced in the Czech Republic and the artwork was conceived by Seth-Design in Athens, Greece.

‘Words Untold & Dreams Unlived’ secured SERENITY a recording deal in 2007 with Napalm Records. The label is set to release the band’s debut worldwide on 27 April 2007

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