heavy metal

Vintersorg Bio

Band members
Vintersorg (Andreas Hedlund) - Vocals, guitars, keyboards Mattias Marklund - Guitars Benny Hägglund - drums Lars Are Nedland - Session hammond organ and backing vocals Johan Lindgren - Bass

swedish metal
folk metal

With their latest work, Solens Rötter, or "The Origin of the Sun", VINTERSORG returns to its roots anchored deep within traditional Nordic soundscapes, strengthening them by masterfully blending in the elements that modern Metal has to offer. The ever-so-present Folk influence merges skillfully with the technical prowess of both drummer and guitarist to create poignant and versatile songs that can only be the work of VINTERSORG. An eloquent symbiosis of hymn-like passages, cold Black Metal, and Nordic Folk, crowned by Vintersorg's impressive vocals.

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