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Troll Bio

Band members
Tom Mayo - vocalist / lead guitar Mike Demogenese - lead guitar / backup vocals Fred Dupont - rhythm guitar / backup vocals Yukiko Fujii - bass / backup vocals Steve Kenney - drums


Troll is the phoenix, risen from the ashes of Phantom River, featuring former vocalist/guitarist Tom Mayo and former drummer Steve Kenney. Formed in 2004, Troll has been taking the hard rock scene by storm, with their clean power vocals, and skillful song writing skills. Instead of conforming to trends or the modern "cookie cutter" style guitar riffs and screaming vocals, Troll returns hard rock back to the days when songs were written with talent, style and feeling. Featuring three guitarists, Troll creates an atmosphere layered with sweet harmonies, soulful leads, and power riffage. Combine that with Tom Mayo's power vocals, you have a band reminiscent of 70's/80's rock legends, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Dio, and Deep Purple, but with today's modern edge.

Troll has been creating buzz and has been recieving rave reviews from all over Europe. They have also played at Locobazooka (playing with acts such as Disturbed, Dope, Ill Nino, and Drop Kick Murphy's) and at the world famous Palladium in Worcester, MA (home of the New England Metal and Hardcore festival). With the band's awareness spreading and their fan base is growing, Troll is gearing to hit the music scene full force. The band has new songs written and are already in works for the follow-up album of their initial self-titled release. They are currently in the pre-production stages, and plan to have the new album completed and scheduled for release in early 2006.

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