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Band members
Mike Scheidt - Vocals/Guitar Will Lindsay - Bass Scott Headrick - Drums


MIDDIAN born from the ashes of YOB!
“After Travis and Isamu left YOB, I tossed around the idea of starting YOB again with new members as I have done in the past. But Isamu, Travis and I hit a certain vibe and stride as friends and players in YOB that I knew would be forever different with new players. So after about 8 months of soul searching I decided to indeed find new players for a new band. That band is MIDDIAN and we are having a blast.

Stylistically YOB fans will find definite similarities in MIDDIAN as I was YOB's songwriter and lyricist. MIDDIAN is still music heavily influenced by SLEEP, High on Fire, Neurosis, OM, Will Haven, Asunder, The Obsessed, and classic heavy metal. But the vibe in MIDDIAN is definitely different too. More clean singing on average, more mid-paced and bashing while still having sloooow riffs too. There is still the esoteric cosmic vibe that my songs have always had, the dropped A tuning, and the Matamp/ELECTRIC Amp tones.

The new rhythm sections for MIDDIAN are guys I am extremely happy to be playing music with. Our bassist Will Lindsay is an old friend of mine from Eugene. YOB has played dozens of shows with his other killer bands (Ahisma, Fuck God in the Face, Off with Their Heads, Human Certainty). He is a multi-instrumentalist who has played in bands doing everything from metal to punk to country to mariachi. Scott Headrick is our new drummer and he is no less talented. He's a graduate from MI in Los Angeles where he was trained to be a professional session player. He also traveled around the country competing in drumcore on the snare drum. He is a vastly versatile drummer who is comfortable playing anything from rock to country to jazz standards and definitely the HEAVY.

MIDDIAN is starting out slow playing a number of west coast shows this summer in August and September including headlining day 4 of The Stoner Hands of DOOM festival in Mesa Arizona September 3rd. After that we will be heading into the studio in November hopefully. We are looking to have our album released in spring of next year to then embark on a full US Tour in May 2007. We also hope to make it to Japan in September 2007.” Mike Scheidt

Middian as Mike, Will and Scott have just signed with Metal Blade records and we are stoked as hell. “My experience in YOB working with Metal Blade was fantastic and I look forward to years of continuing that excellent relationship in Middian.” Mike Scheidt

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