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Band members
Johan Axelsson - Guitar Martin Schönherr - Vocals Rikard Wermén - Drums Thomas Ahlgren - Bass

death metal

It simply doesn't show any signs of remission - just as the bludgeoning sonic monstrosity titled 'III' had seemingly stormed away to molest more unsuspecting souls, and you ventured to crawl out of the shadows where Deranged's former offering left you to cower, Sweden's blasting trio unleash another fiendish collection of mauling, devastating brutal death metal hymns.

Vicious, raucous and filled with more rabid aggression than any of Deranged's prior releases, the ten-track venture into pure metal mayhem baptised "Plainfield Cemetary" once again finds Sweden's scariest in top form; this unrelenting, uncompromising and totally sick grinding percussion-driven mayhem runs rampant, in true Deranged tradition, throughout the 37 minutes of roaring carnage it delivers. Vaguely more melodic (but at times only) in its evil ways than its frightful predecessors, "Plainfield Cemetary" nonetheless retains all the endemic vileness, bruising violence and jagged bloodthirsty rage that are now so characteristic of its perverted creators' addiction to dissonant and growling aural mayhem.
And the sound...

At a time when more and more trigger-happy producers serve squeaky-clean digital tones holding all the devastating power of disco in its finest hour, Deranged retaliate with a thick, organic wall of blasting hate that smacks you in the face like a sequoia-sized bone club. From the impenetrable wall of guitars to the outrageously loud and punishing drums, from the phlegm-churning vocals to the insanely downtuned bass, "Plainfield Cemetary" is a teaching in the art of musical barbarity, an intentionally vicious stab at the whimsical universum of the melodic or vaguely aesthetic death metal genre, and a one-way ticket to grinding oblivion, poised for an October release - so, helpless imbecile humans, notify your next of kin and brace yourselves for the inevitable!.

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