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Walpurgisnacht Bio

Band members
Mor de Naere – vocals Houtekiet – guitar Heer Halewyn – guitar Malcus – bass guitar Marchosias – drums

black metal

Walpurgisnacht play raw old style black metal, but combine this with a melancholic and epic touch, which is expressed in the melodic style of guitar riffing. Inspiration for both music and lyrics is mainly drawn from some obscure Dutch legends and the (original) grim and gloomy quality of "De Peel" - a once huge and impenetrable area of marshes, moors, fens and woods in the south of the Netherlands. The band has its roots in 1996 when Heer Halewyn, Houtekiet and Marchosias occasionally played some covers from mostly Norwegian black metal bands. After a while they began to write their own material and the name Walpurgisnacht was chosen. But then the band was laid on ice for a long time, because of Marchosias' various activities in other bands (Cirith Gorgor, Grimm, Zwartketterij). Houtekiet however kept writing music over the years and finally, in the middle of 2002, the rehearsals restarted on a more regular and professional base. Marchosias now took care of the drums and within a short period of time a singer, Mor de Naere, and a bass player, Malcus, were recruited which made the band ready for full attack. In the beginning of 2003 Walpurgisnacht recorded one of their rehearsals, which became the mainly very positively received "Moerasghesomp" demo. Furthermore they have done gigs with various bands from the Dutch/Belgian/German (black)metal scene, and in 2005 did a successful tour with cult Norwegian band Kampfar as well as gigs with Negura Bunget from Rumania. Their first full-length album "Die Derwaert Gaen En Keeren Niet" was proudly released at the very end of 2005 by German label Folter Records.

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