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Hacride returns with their new album 'Amoeba' which was co-produced by
Frank Hueso & Mastered by Pierre Bouquet at 'l'autre studio'.
Hacride have been receiving enormous praise since the conception & release of
their first album 'Deviant Current signal' from the worldwide underground scene
& launched themselves upon an unprepared crowd with their 'Deviant tour I and II'
which was pretty much like a blitzkrieg over France & Switzerland.
This tour gained a lot of attention in said territories for the band & pushed
Hacride to reset the boundaries of themselves & work on an album that would set out the originality & complexity the band stands for.

More than one year of hardship & dedication went into
the songwriting of this new album entitled 'Amoeba'.
Hacride then locked themselves up in studio for over 4 months to give birth to this new monster.
An album which is at the same time progressive, extreme & open minded,
which was futher proven & strenghtened by the collaboration with the band & the néo-flamenco outfit 'Ojos de brujo'.
Powerful vocals, massive production, intricate polyrhythms & chunky riffing, everything is present & balanced with a lot of new elements to the genre to make this album a reference for years to come.

Amoeba promises to shatter more than one conception of what metal/hardcore is supposed to be
& rocket the band into a new league, showing themselves as pioneers and not as followers.
Judge for yourself & be amazed by the sheer display of talent & innovation that Hacride have to offer.
Like it or not, Hacride are coming & taking over the world by storm!!

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