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And Utero Dominae Bio

And Utero Dominae
Band members
Sam Geiger - guitars, vocals Justin Brink - drums


And Utero Dominae blends crushing rhythms, pounding beats, and searing grooves with an unmistakable influence from the glory days of thrash. AUD, the brainchild of Sam Geiger, wields the decisive attack and conviction of the bands that pioneered the thrash movement while maintaining its own distinctive presence in the metal world.

While And Utero Dominae is just about to release its first EP, Bleeding Machines, its members are by no means newcomers to the musical trenches that be. Sam has spent his time cutting teeth in the recording studio and gigging the swamps of Florida and New Orleans. Currently residing in the Northeast, AUD added its newest member and drummer Justin Brink, better known as Pneumatic Detach. Justin has spent the last decade playing clubs internationally and stunning audiences with his percussive onslaught.

After the EP's release And Utero Dominae is heading back into the studio to finish writing and recording the material that will make up its debut album.

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