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Noosphere Bio

Band members
Brad Kelly - Vocals Kevin Hightower - Guitar Frank Wright - Guitar Morgan Phillips - Bass Ryan Jarrell - Drums

hard rock

Noosphere is the result of five experienced musicians who formed the band they were all searching for. This brought together a group of artists who had been admiring one another's musical abilities while playing the same circuit. In doing so, they create a well balanced fusion of heavy, progressive rock with accessible melodies and hooks.

Morgan Phillips and Kevin Hightower had been performing together for some time when, in May of 2004, they brought aboard Ryan Jarrell for a last minute show at Philadelphia's Trocadero Theater. With only an afternoon to learn the set, the show went off without a hitch and the chemistry was undeniable. The pieces were coming together. In September of 2004 Brad Kelly and Frank Wright were brought into the fold. Their previous band had split sometime after their original guitarist joined a group on the Wind-up Recording artists roster. It didn't take long to realize that these two were essential elements needed to complete the transformation of Noosphere. Armed with this incredible new line-up, they continue to tear through the region's best venues, garnering radio interest and a swiftly growing fanbase. After recieving countless requests for recorded material, from fans and radio stations, Noosphere knew that it was time to head into the studio. Their first L.P. "Always and Never" was recorded at Range Recording Studios and will be hitting hard rock radio in March/April of '06. The CD will be released nationally in the spring of '07 by Range Records. Noosphere will be embarking on a regional tour to support the album.

Noosphere has shared the stage with many national acts such as Slayer, Breaking Benjamin, Killswitch Engage, Mastodon, (HeD)pe, Saliva, Systematic, Stereomud, Mushroomhead, Dope, and Silvertide.

The band is proud to be sponsored by J├Ągermeister and to have played on the '03, '04 and '05 J├ĄgerMusic Tours. Noosphere also officially endorses a number of companies and their products - namely, Line6, Digitech, Diezel, Salwender Amplification, Vigier Guitars, Digital Music Corp., Voodoolab, Rocktron, WHITEBOY Clothing, Seymour Duncan, and 9mmSFX.

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