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Furor, The
Band members
Warlock - guitar Kill Machine - bass Disaster - drums/vocals

black metal
speed metal

Bred from the most isolated capital city in the world, Perth, Western Australia, THE FUROR began their advance in September 2002. Three long time figures in the Perth extreme metal movement, Disaster (ex Pagan, Militant Mass, Pathogen), Warlock (ex Samain) & Kill Machine (ex Scythian, Impact Winter) combined dark forces to create the bastard son of their black/ death/ thrash metal influences. By September 2003, an albums worth of material was complete & the band decided to plunge headlong into recoding the full length 'Invert Absolute'. Produced by Aidan Barton of Sovereign Studios (Pathogen, The Berzerker, Voyager etc) the album showcased the relentless speed & barbarity the trio has become notorious for & was extremely well received, earning them the most popular album & band of 2004 Western Australia's 'Western Front' webpoll & spread rampant curiosity throughout the Australian metal scene.

The band constantly devastated crowds in their hometown with their hellaciously confronting/ theatrical, razor tight live shows & played support to renowned Australian bands Destroyer 666, Psycroptic, Stronger Than Hate, Alarum & Daysend. After their mark was made on the live front, the band worked furiously on material for their highly anticipated 2nd full length 'Advance Australia Warfare'. More complex musicality, more ferocious in sound & nature, more epic in scope, and armed with a crushing filmclip to the song 'Thrive On War', the album stands as a supreme advancement from 2004's 'Invert Absolute'. After two short months, the album earned 2nd place for 2005 most popular Australian metal album on Triple J's Full Metal Racket & crushed airwaves nationally. November 2005 saw the bands first Australian national tour alongside US death metal legends 'Nile', followed shortly a second Australian tour with Poland's 'Behemoth' & fellow Australians 'The Amenta'. All shows proved to be a rip roaring success for the band, stunning fans & critics alike, surely just the beginning as they charge to the future.......

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