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Benea Reach
Band members
Haakon - Guitars Marco - Drums Ilkka - Vocals Christer - Guitars Martin - Guitars Haakon - Bass

death metal

From a dark alley where aggression and melancholy meet comes a new hybrid - a musical inferno with all the requisites to set the metal scene on fire. Loaded with both technicality and feel, Monument Bineothan showcases a fresh approach to extreme metal as ignited by musicians in their prime - one spin and youll know you are in for something special. BENEA REACHs musical pedigree speaks for itself - ex-EXTOL guitarist, Christer Espevoll, together with founding associate, Marco Storm are the driving force behind the refined yet punitive song-writing on Monument Bineothan. Produced by Storm himself and Rolf Yngve Uggen, Monument Bineothan is both a punch in the face and a stroke against the fur of todays far too homogeneous metal scene. Imagine Mastodon-inspired riffs played with the chilling precision of Meshuggah and arranged using Tools hard-hitting progressive approach. A debut that has that extra kick you would only expect from a collection of seasoned pros. Watch out...its going to hurt.

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