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Band members
Nathan - Vocals/Guitar Lal - Guitar Daniel - Bass Gomez - Drums

death metal

Given that this is the bit where we tell you about where our band is at, we could tell you about the three demos we made before we got signed, about the umpteen lineup changes we've been through in the past eight or so years along with some nonsense about 'musical differences', or some claptrap about 'jazz-fusion' or 'post-metal' that we wouldn't even believe ourselves.

We could tell you that we've played and toured with bands like Napalm Death, Testament, Entombed, Decapitated, Cathedral, Zyklon or Cephalic Carnage.

We could even give you some pompous talk about the fact that Emperor's Samoth rates our music and got us signed to Candlelight in the first place, or how our debut album "Purity [The Darwinian Paradox]" got some great press from mags like Terrorizer (UK), Kerrang (UK), Rock-Hard (DE), or Legacy (DE), not to mention numerous glowing reviews from many reputable webzines, and how the next album we're working on is going to be the best thing since sliced bread.

However, we think there's nothing more tedious than a bog-standard, pseudo matter-of-fact, hammed-up band biog.

So here's what you need to know:

• We're a band from London, our music is extreme, dark, and heavy;
• We're working on our second album which is nearing completion and is scheduled to be released around March 2007;
• It will feature guests performances from bands like Guapo, Ted Maul, and Indesinence;
• This means that we will be performing around the time of the release. We will also be playing shows in the next few months;
• As cliché as it sounds, we deem the new material heavier, more focused, and altogether more accomplished than ever before – in terms of the songs, in terms of the performance and in terms of the production;
• You will be able to preview some of the new material on the web at some point in the not-too distant future;

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