heavy metal

Edenbridge Bio

Band members
Sabine Edelsbacher - Vocals Arne "Lanvall" Stockhammer - Guitars & Keyboards Frank Bindig - Bass Roland Navratil - Drums Robert Schoenleitner - Live Guitars

power metal

The Grand Design is mixed at the English Thin Ice Studio by Karl Groom (Threshold). In April, the single "For your eyes only" is released (cover version of the James Bond title song). In May The Grand Design sees the light of day.

The Grand Design is to date EDENBRIDGE's masterpiece: Bombastic and illustrious music underlined with heavy guitars and expressive vocals courtesy of frontlady Sabine Edelsbacher distinguish their latest epic. New elements, such as the fantastic 64-man choir arrangements of solo artist Robby Valentine (Ayreon, Helloise) also compliment the band's anticipated trademark sound. Thus, virtuoso guitar solos and heavy riffs meet melodic interludes as EDENBRIDGE perfectly bridge the gap between musical prowess and freedom of movement.

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