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Band members
Przemysław Olbryt - Vocals Bartłomiej Kostrzewa - Guitar Wojciech Kostrzewa - Keyboards Jacek Monkiewicz - Bass Roman Golebiowski - Drums

black metal

Asgaard was founded in 1994 by Bartlomiej Kostrzewa. Their first five-piece demo was released in 1995 (Excellent Darkness Art). It was kept in doom/dark convention and got good reviews both in underground and official music press. In April 1997, after many line-up changes, new demo was recorded, presenting their new musical vision. The demo enabled the band to release a debut album "When The Twilight Set In Again." This album was almost entirely set in sentimental doom mood. The material was presented in music press, radio and TV (Atomic and Polsat). The band played many gigs to promote the album. In 1999 Margaret was replaced with a new singer – Przemek Olbryt and Asgaard's fans as well as music critics could face their new, more mature album "Ad Sidera, Ad Infinitum." Modern arrangements, plenty of intriguing musical solutions, contrasts and many speed changes are the main advantages of this album. It was definitely one of the most interesting releases on the Polish music scene in 2000.
In May 2001, after some controversies with Mystic Prod., they signed a deal with Metal Mind Productions. This cooperation resulted in producing a technically excellent "Ex Oriente Lux." This album was a masterful compilation of rhythms and styles, with unique voice of Przemek Olbryt. It was given a very warm welcome on Polish metal scene. The band played a few gigs with Artrosis.
With their next CD "XIII Voltum Lunae" (2002) the band proved that they were able to combine symphonic sound, metal expression and grim mood, thus creating music virtually out of this world. In October 2002 Asgaard supported Enslaved, Rotting Christ and Dark Tranquillity (Cracow). The show was recorded and released on "Lux in Tenebris" DVD.
In 2004 the band performed at Metalmania, alongside Soulfly, Moonspell, Tiamat, Enslaved, Krisiun, Morbid Aniel, Decapitated and more.

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